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Power plant simulation with Thermolib reduces the effort to set up realistic, plant-specific simulations in order to test and continuously improve controllers with the simulation-in-the-loop approach.

Christian Baltensperger, ABB Switzerland Ltd., Power Systems

Using the Thermolib toolbox enables us to develop model predictive controllers for complex systems, such as thermal power plants. It brings together extended control methods like planning under uncertainty and learning from the field of artificial intelligence and thermodynamic simulations.

Dr. Bastian Migge, ETH Zurich, Institute of Machine Tools and Manufacturing

Website: ETH Zürich – inspire AG | ABB




Applying Thermolib to our design process has significantly reduced the length of the product development cycle without compromising the level of accuracy required or product quality. With Thermolib we identified the best simulation choice, because the model ran much faster than competitive models and we detected implementation errors much quicker. On account of this we shortened our time-to-market.

Sebastian Jagsch, Branch Manager, qpunkt GmbH

Website: qpunkt



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